Fnatic Origins: Episode 2 VoD

Fnatic Origins: Episode 2 VoD

Episode 2 VoD

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Fnatic Origins is a new show hosted by David "Blaze" Dillon on FnaticTV. The show aims to focus on the world of Dota2, stories behind the scenes as well as the different side of the players, the ones you don't really have a chance to hear about when you are watching them play. 

Last week we had Josh "Tabako" Tabak, this week we will have another member of the FnaticRC.dota2 NA squad Jonathan "SMURF-" Gorriz. He is the only player on our team to come exclusively from DotA 1. He is a veteran of the NA Dota Scene and has played in many top teams and competed around the world. He is known for his aggressive style of play and is a very integral part of what makes the FnaticRC NA squad so strong. 

The show will focus in and around SMURF's gaming history, playstyle, philosophy behind his role and his connection with other professional players. These are just a few examples and the show will also touch on a number of other subjects which you don't want to miss!

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