Fnatic turns one year old

Fnatic turns one year old

The Fnatic Timeline

23rd of July 2004: Fnatic was officially founded with a Call of Duty,, Unreal Tournaemnt 2004 squad and female Counter-Strike squad.

27th of July 2004: Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager joins Fnatic.

28 July, August 1 2004: Sander “Vo0” Kaasjager wins the Painkiller tournament at the Cyberathlete Extreme Summer Champions 2004 and UT2004 squad finishes second.

2nd of September 2004: Fnatic officially becomes a company, PTY LTD, registered in Australia and Anne Mathews joins as Finance Director.

5th of September 2004: Fnatic attends the European Online Gaming Championships in London, England with a Call of Duty squad and Lauke, roach and 2aU as UT2004 1v1 players. Lauke wins the UT2004 1v1 competition.

18th of September: The Global Gaming League sponsors Fnatic’s UT2004 players Martijn “roach” Nuijens and Frank “R0X” Aartman to attend the World Cyber Games 2004 in San Francisco.

4 – 7 October: Lauke becomes the champion of the Unreal Tournament 2004 competition at the World Cyber Games 2004 in San Francisco.

December: We officially announce our Painkiller squad. Vo0 alongside Andrew “Gellehsak” Ryder, Fredrik “Gopher” Quick and Johan “Toxic” Quick.

15 – 19 December, 2004: Vo0, gellehsak and gopher attend the Cyberathlete Extreme Winter Championships. Vo0 wins the Painkiller tournament, gellehsak places fifth and gopher finished 3rd in the DOOM3 tournament.

February, CPL Turkey 0.5: Vo0 wins, gellehsak places fifth.

March, CPL Turkey: Vo0 wins, gellehsak places fifth.

17 – 20 March, CeBit / Samsung European Championships:
Lauke gets third.

20 March, Sennheiser sponsors Fnatic: Sennheiser becomes official Supporting Sponsor of Fnatic.

April, CPL Spain: Vo0 takes second.

14th of May: Ztrider joins Fnatic. The team launches its new homepage.

21st of May, USA: Lauke places 1st at the VSPORTS All Stars Competition in UT, Vo0 in PK. Vo0 also becomes one of the top4 vote getters.

28th of May, CPL Brazil: Vo0 wins, Ztrider places fifth

6th of June: Fnatic delves into WarCraft 3

17 - 19 of June, CPL Sweden: Vo0 wins, Ztrider 4th, Gellehsak 6th.

19th of June: Frank "R0X" Aartman and Laurens "Lauke" Pluijmaekers were guests in the pilot of Total eSports. A TV Show dedicated to eSports in Holland.

25th of June: Fnatic introduces it's Counter-Strike team.

4th of July: Intel® Desktop Boards joins as a Sponsor of Fnatic. Another solid rock for Fnatic's future.

17th of July: Zaffe joins and completes the Counter-Strike team.

Additional notes:
We would like to thank our sponsors for their great support in our first year. Without them we would never have made it so far.

Many thanks go out to our sponsors: Everglide, Intel Desktop Boards, NVIDIA, Pulse Gaming, Sennheiser and Firebutton for believing in us.

Many thanks go out to the people, who have been supporting us and we are looking forward to many great years.

Many thanks go also out to our past sponsors for supporting us in the beginning stage of Fnatic.
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