Nihilum Joins Mousesports

The famous German powerhouse Mousesports announced a few minutes ago an unexpected news that surprised us all. They decided to add a World Of Warcraft squad which is none other than the well known British guild, Nihilum. Nihilum is one of the best guild in the world actually with all their First-Kills and they never stopped impressing us. The fact that Johnny R is a part of the Nihilum guild facilitate things between the two organizations.

Here's a statement from Yilmaz "Yilmaz" Ozan, manager of Mousesports, which you can read below:

"What has been planned for several weeks is now official. mousesports and Nihilum agree on a co-operation which is surely one of a kind in the gaming community. This is not about a WoW squad joining a clan, but rather the fusion of two strong partners. In the past, Nihilum has shown what they are able to perform and we hope that they can continue doing this with our support.

I think that Nihlum with players such as Thomas "Kungen" Bengtsson or John "Awake" Milburn, will be an enourmous and valuable asset for mousesports. With Jonas "Johnny_R" Bollack, even a founder of mousesports plays for Nihilum, whereby this co-operation gains even more worth including my personal grace.

When they visitied us in the webtower in Berlin, we thought about some really nice ideas which we will attempt to fulfill within the next months."

John "Awake" Milburn, member of the Nihilum guild, declared:

"We're proud to be working together with mousesports and together we'll continue to improve how people discover, remember and share WoW and other MMORPG experiences, with a big emphasis on the power of community and expansion on competive gaming. We're excited to be working with the mousesports team - they definitely know what they are doing and our potential together will expand on it even more.

We'd like to thank our guild, mousesports, Our WoW server Magtheridon, our sponsors, our fans, all our users on and everyone else who has helped us along the way. We're going to release even more features for all of of you within the next couple of weeks and months. We're focused on expanding our community even more and of course being on the bleeding edge of high end raiding in World of Warcraft!

I look forward to continue my idea of a perfect MMORPG guild and MMORPG community and taking it to the next level together with our Nihilum community and MouseSports."

Two interviews have also been conducted over at the mousesports website. One with Awake and another one with Johnny R. We would like to wish them the best of luck for the future.
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