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ClanBase 1v1 Cups switch to Q4MAX

ClanBase 1v1 Cups switch to Q4MAX

The current EuroCup will switch to Q4Max right after the finish of group stage. The OpenCup will make the switch immediately.

This change does not apply to TDM and CTF cups (both OC and EC) and they will still be using X-Battle mod.

We had a long discussion, and without going into much of the irrelevant details, the outcome was this; we WILL use Q4max from now on for 1v1, BUT the EuroCup group stage has to be finished with X-battle, mainly because of the number of overdue matches from the past weeks. The idea behind it is that there shouldn't be situations in which some players were allowed to play more matches in Q4max than the others. We really hope that the players can find themselves in this decision. It might not be the best solution for everyone, but it should be the fairest. We encourage the EC players to stick with us for these last two matchweeks.

Our main motivation is to set a standard for Quake 4 dueling, in accordance with the CPL World Tour, so that duelers won't be divided between two mods for one gametype. However, as Q4max mainly focuses on 1v1, and X-battle is still a better mod for CTF and TDM (with features such as the teamoverlay, custom team colors, team commands, visible ready-status, etc.), the ClanBase CTF and TDM tournaments will keep on using X-battle.

This might prove the best solution at the moment for current "competition issue" that we can observe between Q4Max and X-Battle dev teams.
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