GuX joins SK, kHRYSTAL out

pictureIt seems like previous rumours have become reality and former FnaticMSI member, Rasmus 'GuX' Stahl, now joined up SK Gaming, replacing Frej 'kHRYSTAL' Sjostrom

This brings SK's new 2010 line-up down to the following names:

  • Johan 'face' Klasson
  • Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
  • Robert 'RobbaN' Dahlström
  • Jimmy 'allen' Allen
  • Rasmus 'GuX' Stahl

Team coach, Anton Budak, commented the followings on the move:

"The team has collectively made the decision to replace kHRYSTAL with Gux. This act is in no way personal; kHRYSTAL is a fine person and an excellent Counter-Strike player in every way and absolutely a part of the elite. However, it is our impression that Gux is one of the best players in the world at this time; he is a skilled entry fragger and almost always performs impressively well in all situations."

Rasmus 'GuX' Stahl also added amongst the lines of a full interview:

"Well I've always liked to play for SK gaming because of their history as a team and when I started playing competitevly the obvious "idols" were the players in SK gaming... so it's a big factor for joining SK it's the feeling you always had when you thought about having yourself there playing in SK.

(..) I was contacted by Anton Budak, the coach behind SK gaming, and then everything just happened pretty fast. Well the situation with H2K there was no situation I just got contacted by SK and then I had a choice to make.

(..) I always thought SK was a very strong team especially tactics wise but also I believe they had a hard time adapting to the differentials of other teams, which I hope I can help them with. And also I hope that some of my gameplay will help improve the SK team as I usually try to be the player to open it all up and make it easier for my teammates and that usually makes a big difference.

GuX will make his first official appearance with his new team at tomorrow's charity event, which SK has put together with mTw. Stay tuned with us for updates.
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