SK.CandyPanda: "I think the game is really balanced"

1.We heard that SK.LOL added some new faces, could you introduce them to the Chinese fans?

Our 3 new faces in SK are Nyph, Wetdream and myself. First Nyph, who is my Support and lanepartner for quite along time now(8 months to be exactly). We went together from to SK since SK sounded more promising and is just the next step on the way of being a professional gamer. Next is Wetdream(our jungler) who left fnatic for some reason. Im not 100% sure why so I dont want to say something wrong here, hes also running his own website which is informing about all the important stuff thats happening. And last but not least theres me(CandyPanda). I play Ad carrys and joined togheter with nyph from to SK. I also stream on check it out.

2.Do you queue with Nyph in solo games?

We only duoqueue togheter if we feel were slacking abit and need more training, else we train for ourselves and in premade matches.

3. Who is the best 1v1 solo player in SK.LOL now?  How good he is?

No one is the best, were all experts with our role, but you cant compare them direclty.

4. What should a fragile hero do when they meet a dash type hero like Xin Zhao?  If the enemies have more than two dash heroes, how do you keep your attack output as a fragile range carry?

I rely alot on my teammates and support so I can focus more on damage, also I take exhaust to minimalize the dmg output from 1 melee dps and position myself properly so that enemy has to run thorugh all my teammaest first before he can reach me.

5. Which is the Tir 1 hero in EU teams?  Could you list some different ones from Elements lists? and why?

I think the games is really balanced at the moment, but there are 2 champions I think are too strong. Those 2 are Annie and Orianna since they have great burst and/or high survivability.

6. Your team squad has 2 ap mages, 1 support and 1 range is good in the competitions and broadened my outlook.  But it does not fit in solo games, especially in low elo. They still think that tanks = best. Ccould you give them some advice?

We never play with 2 mages since Wickd is the best bruiser in the game so we play wiht 1 toptank and 1 mage in the middle and it works out great.

7. Can you define the good carry and the noob carry?  And some tips to become a good carry?

Mostly you can see if someone is good or not if he knows how to counter the enemy carry properly and if he knows how to position correctly.

8. How do you win in a disadvantaged game?

Try to get you some time dont be aggressive farm up and if they push you fight them at your tower. Also you can try to catch off enemys who are standing bad.

9. Most people dont understand how important the support is. In dota, a good support, supports the carry to finish the game; in lol it's more important to lead the gank and support the whole team. What's your opinion?

Support is very important but for sure the least important character in a lineup since you have better chances if the support disconnects then the carry for example.

10. Does wicked have some other heroes? He always uses tanky dps.

No he only plays bruisers in our team.

Some questions from the uuu9 forum:

65771306: For panda, you played ad carry more aggressively than other carry players. Does a good carry defend 1st, quickly farm and end the game?  How can you do that?

Every lane is different. On some lanes you can play aggressive on some not and you have to adapt your playstyle with every new game. It really comes down to experience to know what you can do and what not.

wt53063497: Do you like to backdoor?  Any tips for a successful BD / how to guard BD? Which hero is good at BD after this patch(global hero nerfed)?

If you notice someones bd's you should gather and push, that will force him to come back, just make sure you react fast so he doesnt have time to backdoor your inhib towr

sTyle??: Is there any rules in Ban&Pick?

A general rule is pick your role after theirs. That means you pick your mage after they did and you pick your carry after they did and try to counter it as best a spossible. If you have firstpick start with the jungler or support.

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