Fnatic Welcomes Hellokitty

Today it is a special day for Fnatic, as we are very happy to have Zifeng "Hellokitty" Wang on board of the StarCraft Academy. The 21 year old Protoss is not new to the scene as he was already a known player in Brood War. In 2011 he switched over to StarCraft 2 though and continued his career in the newer version of the most known eSports title. Previously you were able to see him in the CSL or the AGL, representing an North American eSports organisation. But now he joined the Fnatic StarCraft 2 Academy, where he wants to improve further.

Elroy Pinto, General Manager

I am pretty pumped about having Zifeng with us, he's definitely going to be one of the stars of the future and he has displayed all the required skills (aside from playing macro games!) to be a competitive gamer. We're glad he has chosen to continue his career with us and we have no doubt that he's going to be a player to watch out for. I will try and steer away from the generic statements us managers tend to make at such news posts. Let's look at the results in the future months to know if we were right today. A special thanks to our sponsors - SteelSeries, MSI, EIZO & Twitch for their continued support!

Elroy Pinto, our General Manager and Manager of the StarCraft division sat down with Zifeng to talk about his new team and the plans for the future. Make sure you follow the new Protoss in the Fnatic team. 

Twitch: Noobeater5
TL Fan Club: hellokitty
Replay Pack: hellokitty
Would you briefly tell us about your background before you signed up with Fnatic?

I was a pretty unknown Brood War player, finishing highest iccup B+ as a Protoss player and was just beginning to transition into StarCraft 2 a year later after it came out. I am currently a student at University of Texas Austin and I have always wanted to become a professional gamer. I have only decided to become publicized and into pro gaming since last year for MLG Columbus, where I made my first debut as WCS USA was the ongoing event(finished top 5). Hence my tournament record might be meager compared to a lot of other gamers.

You made a relatively big splash with your performances at WCS NA & ShoutCraft AM before getting knocked out in both tournaments, what can we expect from you in the coming weeks?

I expect nothing less than improvements, and these big tournaments have shown that I still have a very big improvement to catch up with, against the Koreans. I mean, my worst match up used to be PvT, through WCS NA I have drastically improved my understanding of the match up, hence making me a much better well-rounded player than before.

What are your thoughts and why did you decide to team up with Fnatic?

Fnatic is one of the top teams in Europe, which I've known since the beginning of SC2. They had been able to harness young and less well-known players such as Kawaiirice, Sen, and many others into one of the world class athletes. Knowing that Fnatic has an extremely strong Protoss line-up it would be amazing for me to be joining the ranks of the top tier Protoss in the world.

Your mind games against Suppy made you stand out from the crowd at ShoutCraft AM - can we expect some more from you in the future?

Of course, this is actually one of the first times I've actually had to prepare a pre-made match-up vs a player and I think I did a pretty good job at the mind games. I can pull out of my "one-trick-pony" hat "laughs".

Where can the fans find you? And do you have any final shoutouts ?

My Facebook page and Twitter are already listed above, but for the real fans, you can of course follow me on Twitch, and my TL Fan Club, which are above as well. I also prepared a Replay pack for people who want to check out my play style.
A special shoutout to my girlfriend for supporting me all the way, all of my Former teammates from area51 (we've all finally found a new home!), my manager for Pulse, James Foster, my former teammate kane, and all of my awesome practice partners and friends who have been supporting me, and last but not least, all of my haters, without you guys, I won't be how good of a player I am today.

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  • Noname Noname
    Posted May 28, 2013 at 12:32

    gogo zifeng

  • ANdre_ ANdre_
    Posted May 28, 2013 at 12:37

    hello kitty!

  • DonGrisu DonGrisu
    Posted May 28, 2013 at 19:16

    Welcome to the Family :)