cArn Interviews CS Co-Founder Gooseman

Gamescom 2013 was a blast, from start to finish we witnessed history. For cArn this Gamescom was just a made special as he got the opportunity to sit down and interview co-founder of Counter-Strike. Who other than a Counter-Strike legend to interview the man who created it all! 

Patrik and Minh Le spoke for just over 33 minutes. The interview touches on subjects like his entry into the development world and how he brought Counter Strike to the gaming community. His feelings on the game turning into a global sport and its eSports legacy. Life after Valve and his newest creation "Tactical Intervention". There's a lot covered in the interview which you can find below, enjoy. 


0:00: Intro

3:20: Tactical Intervention

7:00: Engine, Movement and Recoil of TI/CS

10:40: Birth of Counterstrike

12:40: Numbers of Counterstrike

14:05: Working with Valve

18:34: CS and eSports

21:23: eSport features in Tactical Intervention

23:04: Release date of Tactical Intervention

23:41: Free to Play model in TI

27:30: Being the creator of Counterstrike

29:40: Outro

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