Changes Within Fnatic.LoL Management

This past year has been amazing for our League of Legends squad. We went back-to-back in LCS Europe and advanced onto the World Finals where we finished in the top 4. One of the center pieces of that run was our team manager Harry "hxd" Wigget. Harry has been a very important part of not only the League of Legends team but the Fnatic organisation.

He started off as a journalist and worked his way up to be a critical part of our very successful League of Legends team. Unfortunately he will be moving on from Fnatic. We would like to thank Harry for everything he has done for the team and Fnatic. He will be greatly missed and we wish him the best for the future! Below you can read his statement and we now look ahead to the upcoming season of events with the League of Legends team! 

Harry Wiggett, Former Fnatic LoL Manager:

After 3 years it's time to move on from Fnatic. After 3 Seasons of League of Legends and a group of players that I will never forget, it's time to look forward to a new future. I have so many memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life, with not only the League of Legends guys, but the whole Fnatic family. There is too many fantastic memories to discuss, not only our success on the stage, but from living and being with the team as well. They are extremely talented and work more than you can imagine to have what they do and I'm sure they'll continue to have success in Europe and the global stage.

It's really amazing for me to see where these players are at now, not just Fnatic but the whole European scene, most players are in their early 20's or late teens and all have had to adjust to this very different yet fortunate lifestyle. Everyone has matured together and is helping Esports to go in the right direction. This will only improve as they get more used to the pro gaming life.

I started off as a writer for the website with some experience in managing amateur teams, and ended up managing and representing one of the most successful League of Legends teams in the world. That is what working at a company like Fnatic can do for you, anything is possible. Esports will continue to evolve and new people are always being recruited to companies working within the field.

Thanks once again to the Fnatic Management and players for the past 3 years. Special shoutouts to lamia, mellisan, shushei, max, xpeke, cyanide, soaz, yellowstar, rekkles, puszu and nRated. You guys have all represented Fnatic and have had huge success, and it's been a pleasure to work besides you all. Also a shoutout to the Fnatic staff, management and other teams for being so great to work with.

See you around,

Harry "hxd" Wiggett

Sami "Rico" Harbi, Fnatic LoL Manager

Changes are part of the life of any teams, Fnatic is no exception to that but we send all our best wishes to Harry for whichever path he chooses. I have no doubt that it will be with great a success.
For the LoL team, our minds are already set towards the future with two exciting last month in 2013 and the S4 and all the changes it will bring!
Keep cheering for us as we will always try to do our best for you!

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  • xelss xelss
    Posted Nov 15, 2013 at 21:10

    We will miss you too Harry. It was always fun seeing you with the guys. I guess you won't have to suffer anymore watching the games. xD
    See you!

  • DonGrisu DonGrisu
    Posted Nov 17, 2013 at 23:40

    Ty for all Harry And gl in your life :)

  • Kithaironuka Kithaironuka
    Posted Nov 24, 2013 at 11:12

    Harry, i was so sad to hear this news. You are probably amongst the best managers out there. You will be dearly missed in interviews etc. You guys were surely meant to be together in the organisation. Sadly we will see no more fun humor from you in the interviews.
    Good luck with your future endeavures.

  • Posted Jan 09, 2014 at 02:38
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  • Posted Jan 09, 2014 at 02:38
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