Fnatic Opens Gaming House Korea

Fnatic Opens Gaming House Korea

March 19, 2012, London, UK - Today, FNATIC announces the first global ESPORTS team to launch a professional gaming house in Seoul, Korea, the Mecca of eSports. Both our StarCraft 2 Team and our League of Legends team will be at the house. Launching today all our StarCraft 2 Players, ToD, aLive, Moon, Rain and NightEnD will have a new HQ to train and prepare from and from April, our League of Legends teams will be residing within the house.

We will not only let our players practice in a leading e-sport environment, but also provide a unique opportunity for the fans to follow them thanks to web-cams and regular streams. The house will also be used for promotional activities and events. Starting with a RaidCall Invitational StarCraft II tournament held from March 18th to 19th and featuring $1,500+ prize fund.

This of course would not have been possible without support of our sponsors. Our players are using SteelSeries gaming gear, EIZO monitors as well as MSI laptops, MSI motherboards, MSI graphic cards built into a super powerful desktop, while eye care will be provided by GUNNAR. In-game communication is provided by our title sponsor, RaidCall. own3D.tv will be used for live broadcasts. Today we’re also proud to introduce DXRacer as our new sponsor. DXRacer, China's leading manufacturer of professional racing seats, will provide our Gaming House with state of the art gaming chairs and tables.

Sam Mathews, FNATIC Founder, issued the following statement:
“The new Fnatic International gaming house, is our first large step into the Korean esports scene. Korea is largely considered the mecca of esports, the place where esports had made it, with TV stars, endorsement deals on cereal boxes and finally the ever present gaming teams who train and live in houses together with their coaches. We feel strongly that as Starcraft 2 is taking off globally, its vital for us to have a base there, where we can nurture players and grow as a team. We had two choices, to enter a gaming house that existed already, or take the riskier, but untraveled route for foreign esport teams, going solo. Thats why we're extremely proud today, to announce the first International gaming team to open a house in Korea. Next month our SC2 team will be joined by our League of legends team to compete in the CHAMPIONS league on the tv channel ONGAMENET, to have a total of 11 players in the house.”

A gallery showcasing the House is located in the Photos section.

About Fnatic: The Fnatic team is an ambitious and highly successful electronic sports organisation, which supports the world's greatest gamers. After being crowned as Electronic Sports Team of The Year twice. Fnatic has achieved over 60 victories in major international tournaments and are acknowledged worldwide for their famous and charismatic Swedish Counter-Strike 1.6 team, hugely successful League of Legends squad, and Heroes of Newerth, and former PainKiller World Tour Champion, Sander "VoO" Kaasjager and Laurens "Lauke" Pluijmaekers, former Olympic Champion in Unreal Tournament. Fnatic currently have squads in Counter-Strike 1.6, Call of Duty , Heroes of Newerth, Starcraft 2, Halo, League of Legions. We have over time established ourselves as a vibrant, well-coordinated outfit with a clear vision for the future of competitive electronic sports, commonly referred to as "esports". For more information, please visit www.fnatic.com or Check out our video - What is Esports and Fnatic!

About Raidcall: Raidcall is designed for group communication while gaming, especially for games requiring tight teamwork such as FPS and MMORPG games. It can provide clear voice quality with extremely low latency, and there is no need to rent servers or set up a server by yourself - it's totally FREE. Raidcall makes group communication easier. To learn more, visit Raidcall at www.raidcall.com.

About MSI: MSI is proud of its more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing high performance IT products. The product lines of MSI are motherboards, graphic cards, notebooks, consumer electronics, barebones, networking and server products, and fully integrated add-on peripherals. With its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualified facilities, MSI products provide the ultimate performance, reliability and value-increasing productivity. We distribute our products through offices located in The Netherlands, Serbia, Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Russia, Taiwan, United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom and India. MSI markets its products through distributors, computer system manufacturers, and system integrators. For more information visit the company on the World Wide Web at www.msi.com.

About SteelSeries: A leading manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories, including headsets, keyboards, mice, software and gaming surfaces. SteelSeries has been on the forefront of professional gaming gear since its inception in 2001, thanks to continued innovation and product development in cooperation with leading professional gamers. All SteelSeries products are developed in co-operation with professional gamers to ensure optimum performance and durability. SteelSeries supports the growth of competitive gaming and electronic sports through professional team sponsorships and community support all over the world. For more information, please visit www.SteelSeries.com.

About EIZO: Eizo Europe AB is a European subsidiary of Eizo Nanao Corporation, a leading Japanese manufacturer of high-end visual display products with a wide range of LCD monitors. The image quality, long-term reliability, and innovative features of EIZO monitors make them the products of choice in many hospitals, financial trading rooms, air traffic control
centers, back offices, design studios and eSport events throughout the world. EIZO stands behind the workmanship of the FORIS and the FlexScan monitors with an industry leading five year warranty. EIZO is based in Japan and represented in over thirty countries by a network of exclusive distributors. Eizo Europe AB markets and supports the Eizo product line throughout Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Russia, the Baltic States and other countries in the CIS. Eizo Europe AB distributes the products through a network of resellers and distribution partners. Please contact the authorized EIZO distributor in your country for more details. www.eizo.se.

About GUNNAR Optiks: Founded in 2005, GUNNAR Optiks, LLC designs and engineers Advanced Computer Eyewear and Advanced Gaming Eyewear to protect and enhance vision using revolutionary technology solutions. GUNNAR introduced the Technology Eyewear category in 2008 and pioneered eyewear to combat eye strain associated with long-term viewing of digital screens. At CES 2010, GUNNAR unveiled the first professional-grade, optically correct 3D glasses on the market, utilizing the latest in lens technology. GUNNAR is a privately held company headquartered in Carlsbad, California. For more information, visit www.gunnars.com.

About own3D: own3D.tv is the number one livestreaming platform for gamers worldwide. own3D offers gaming companies and gamers the best one-stop solution to go live, monetize and distribute content worldwide. own3D‘s vision is to transform the gaming community into a media force like professional sports with innovative Media 2.0 and Web 2.0 online services. Founded in August 2009, own3D is operated independently by a dedicated management team with offices in Vienna, Austria. As gamers are global - own3D is ideally positioned between the US and Asia. According to The Economist and Mercer Consulting - Vienna has been among the top three cities with the world’s best quality of living for over a decade.

About DXRacer: DXRACER, China's leading manufacturer of professional racing seat. From a true racing pedigree. Is also a computer, computer life, computer entertainment, health, solution experts! DXRACER are well aware that human innovation is the real innovation. The traditional office methods and has been lagging far behind the needs of the age, health, comfort and fashion needs of individual places are never being met. DXRACER is trying to bring together leading technology and human needs, intentions to create a unique quality product. A full set of ergonomic office components and entertainment products not only bring you the most natural and comfortable feeling, but also the overall care of your health.

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  • PanicButton PanicButton
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 14:51

    Great news for fnatic , well done! And remember boys have fun at your new house !

  • Vuggo Vuggo
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 14:55

    It´s sick!

  • Noname Noname
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 15:01

    Can't wait to visit the house, really pity my damn passport was busy getting other visas T_T

    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 15:37

    amazing :O

  • CaTcH mE iF yOu CaN CaTcH mE iF yOu CaN
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 16:02

    OMG thats goood....waiting to open in INDIA :P ..SAM <3 u

  • Acker Acker
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 16:41

    I love how passionate Sam is when showing the house! It's great to be a part of this :-)

  • Zallkar Zallkar
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 17:05

    Wow just amazing.

  • Triple_M Triple_M
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 18:40

    This is awesome! A very big thank you to the Fnatic sponsors and partners that made this all possible!

  • xPeke xPeke
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 19:15

    Amazing stuff gonna happen there ! :D

  • Amarant1995 Amarant1995
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 19:24

    I think you wrote smth wrong , you wrote league of legions xD

  • k0pAs k0pAs
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 19:32

    amazing, sick ofc, Great place, i wish i was here :} want fnatic stuff :P

  • Bleys Bleys
    Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 23:41

    this is awesome :) :) :)

  • unef0is unef0is
    Posted Mar 20, 2012 at 09:31

    The video isn't working. :[

  • Amarant1995 Amarant1995
    Posted Mar 20, 2012 at 10:36

    yea , worked yesterday , but didnt manage to watch it whole

  • Min_Misao Min_Misao
    Posted Mar 20, 2012 at 18:29

    awesome work! a very positive step towards gaming! gl guys!