Nerchio wins RaidCall StarCraft 2 Invitational

Nerchio wins RaidCall StarCraft 2 Invitational

Day 3 Conclusion:

The third RaidCall Starcraft 2 Invitational is over and Nerchio took the Grand Finals in emphatic fashion, winning three straight games over the top European Terran player Kas. Both players did well, but Nerchio was able to land spot on Fungal Growths and teched perfectly, making him the first place victory with $700! Kas, who almost didn't make it into the tournament, finished second and takes home $500. If you missed any of the games, a summary has been provided below.

PLAY RaidCall StarCraft 2 Invitational Bracket
2:0    Nerchio        
  2:0    Nerchio      
2:0   Slivko        
      2:1     Nerchio    
2:0    biGs        
  2:1   biGs  Grubby          
0:2  B'Knight        
       3:0    Nerchio  
0:2    PhoeNix        
  0:2    DieStar      
0:2   DieStar        
     1:2   alt=  Kas    
1:2   alt=  Kas        
 alt=  Kas          
  2:0   alt=  Kas      
0:2    DBS        


Grand finals are a best of 5 series

Game 1 - Ohana LE

The first game of the finals between Nerchio and Kas started with strong economic builds on both sides. Kas went for a quick third Command Center and Nerchio also setting up an early third base. Having established a strong economy, Kas followed up with Medivac drops but Nerchio fended the aggression well. With a perfect Fungal Growth and excellent Roach positioning, Nerchio was able to absolutely destroy the Terran army and take game 1.
Nerchio 1 - 0 Kas 

Game 2 - Tal'Darim LE

On such a large map, Kas opted to open with Hellions for a quick map control as Nerchio saturated his natural expansion. The map qualifies itself to drops, so Kas got himself a reactored Starport to begin some drop play. Unfortunately for the Terran player his oppononet Nerchio had Overlords and Zerglings spaced out to spot such drops. Nerchio responded to the threat of Medivac drops by creating Mutalisks. This took the map control away from the Hellions of Kas and helped discourage future drops, which provided Nerchio the opportunity to take a third and fourth base before Kas could take his third. On 8 gas, Nerchio explored Infestor tech and double Evolution Chambers. The players traded Zergling and Infestor for Marines and Medivacs. Both armies were crippled during an exchange in the middle, but Kas came out slightly ahead and had more production and resources banked. Nerchio was able to hold off a follow up push, and each player took the opportunity to tech further, with Ultralisks and Thors appearing on the field. Kas was almost mined out on three bases before taking a fourth base, and Nerchio took the opportunity to push in. Nerchio was able to finally get through and take game 2.
Nerchio 2 - 0 Kas  

Game 3 - Cloud Kingdom LE

Game 3 was very standard until Kas used a Marine/Medivac/Hellion combination to deny Nerchio's third base and lift into the main, but the Zerg player was able to deal with it well. Kas continued using Medivacs and Marines to deny a third base and pressure the main with drops. Kas had Siege Tanks as Nerchio got Infestors. Kas was able to start his third base before Nerchio because of the constant Marine and Medivac groups. Nerchio expanded to 5 bases while getting double upgrades and a Greater Spire. Kas read the tech timing and pushed before Nerchio could get Broodlords out, taking out multiple bases and getting reactored Vikings. Kas overstayed his welcome though, and Nerchio held on long enough to get a flock of Broodlords out to clean up Kas's army. Kas forced the engagement as he pressured a base, but Nerchio caught the Terran units unsieged and laid down excellent Fungal Growths. A last push by Kas was destroyed in the middle of the map, giving Nerchio the victory and the tournament!
 Nerchio 3 - 0 Kas


After hosting two successful invitational StarCraft 2 tournaments, we are happy to announce that everything is prepared for the third one. Sixteen players from all over Europe will compete for the prize pool of $1,200, from which the winner will get $700 and the first runner-up will walk away with $500. 

This is the fourth StarCraft 2 tournament hosted by PLAY in 2012, and the third invitational one. The first tournament was European only, while the second was Korean only. We witnessed thrilling games played by some of the most brilliant StarCraft 2 minds in the world. Titan made an upset in the first tournament and eliminated players such as Grubby, Stephano and Nerchio which secured him a first place in the tournament. The Korean invitational was won by our own FnaticRC aLive.

On 30th of May, the tournament will start at 18:00 CET. Eight players from the upper part of the bracket will play their games one by one. The first game will begin at 18:00 CET, and the last game, the first game of the quarterfinals will be played live at 23:00 CET. The schedule for the lower part of the bracket will be similar for the 2nd day of the tournament (the 31st of May). The semi-finals are scheduled for the third day (June 1st), the first semi-final will start at 18:00 CET, while the second one will go live at 19:00 CET. The Grand Finals will be played as soon as the semi-finals are over.

The brackets for the tournament will be released very soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

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  • rAk1N rAk1N
    Posted May 29, 2012 at 02:06

    good luck to all :) safe bet on Grubby! Underdog bets on BiGs :D