Maciej Ratuszniak

28 year old Male from Poland, member since 2010-12-18

I used to play DotA and HoN, though after playing League of Legends I just felt in love with the game.

Beside gaming I'm intrested in fantasy / anime / books / computers

I'm playing drums and learning how to play guitar. From music i prefer to listen to rock metal sometiems punk.

  • Derana Derana
    2011-06-23 22:21

    Absolute amazing Championship. You did a really good job. Thanks to you I am motivated to play again LoL. :D
    I loved the fun war from you Pros against Rioters. You just kicked asses in that tournament, you ve deserved to
    be the champions.

  • Whiteandhigh Whiteandhigh
    2011-06-21 17:13

    Also, congratulations on the DH victory. You were also "in my and many others opinion" the far MVP in that whole tournament. You go Shugas<--my clever name for you ;)

  • snoody94 snoody94
    2011-06-21 08:34

    Congrats on that victory!
    Enjoy your well deserved price!
    P.S: Ive never achieved to go alistar ap myself , but you are awesome at it
    Have fun :)

  • 3dfx 3dfx
    2011-06-21 01:18

    Gratuluje zwycięstwa na DH ! Szczere wyrazy podziwu dla całego składu FnaticMSI

  • JafA JafA
    2011-06-20 00:44

    Huge success today at DH. Well done with AP Alistar.

  • WetDreaM WetDreaM
    2011-03-08 23:27

    man titty