Our CS:GO team had hoped for an easier ride through Group B but messers CLG had other ideas. 59 rounds of Train eventually went in the favour of our NA counterparts, forcing us into a best-of-3 battle with Gambit for our place in playoffs. We'd sharpened up for Sunday though with a clean 2-0 to book our place in the semis.

Now hoping to find our way into the final, we'll take on Immortals this afternoon. Maybe a surprise #1 seed coming out of Group A, the Brazilians were value for their place after shutting down SK Gaming 16-10 on Cache. They're somewhat of an untried entity on Bo3 though, especially for us. Previous clashes have largely been in a best of 1 situation, though the last time we faced at Pro League it was us to come out on top - so this afternoon's semi-final will definitely be interesting!

Prize Pool

1st - $50,000

2nd - $20,000

3rd-4th - $10,000