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COLLABS #2 - Doodle Royale

This is FNATIC COLLABS #2 - Doodle Royale Skin.

Spread from the real - with a jacket and a balaclava - to the virtual - on your phone and PC - this collaboration celebrates all the crazy ideas in our head. They were in our head, then they were in our favourites games. Today, we're bringing the skins to life.

A FULL SKIN: the Doodle Royale Jacket and the Doodle Royale Balaclava

We joined forces with GOLGOTHA, a creative studio based in Paris, co-founded in 2013 by Atoine Aillot, Marvin De Dues and Guillaume Hugon.

Golgotha works in several domains - the fashion industry (Nike, Adidas, etc), luxury (Cartier, Moncler, etc), the music industry (PNL, Booba) and video games, with your favourite esport team, FNATIC. Exploring multiple fields of creation through videos, motion, graphic design, scenography and print, they have developed their own visual signature and universe, inspired by blockbusters, video games and fashion avant-garde.

With the Doodle Royale Skin, Golgotha have bound the creativity we all had when young and the fun we all have changing skins in our favourite game.

You can download the PC and mobile wallpapers above and you can get the whole set to bring it to life!

Allow the creativity in-game and IRL consume every part of you. Wear the skin and win - this is a Doodle Royale.