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EU LCS Preview: FNC vs ROC

Thursday night’s clash sees the LoL team take on an out-of-sorts ROCCAT side. Toward the end of Spring, the usually middle of the pack team pulled an insane run of games out, taking down ourselves and an until then unbeaten G2, only narrowly missing out on a playoff spot.

Since then the only thing that really has changed is their Jungler. Maxlore’s vacated spot was taken up by the rookie Dutchman, Pridestalker and since then the bite seems to have faded from a promising setup.

Make no mistake though. This is not a team of pushovers. They boast one of the highest damage dealing AD Carries in Europe with Hjarnan, while in the Mid lane Betsy has the potential to really pop off. Just as FNC have pulled out meta breaking picks over the last few months, ROC are not scared of throwing a Nasus shaped spanner into the works.

There’s a lot of opportunities for players to shine in this series but we’re focusing in on the Jungle matchup. Despite some incredibly mature play in the last few months, Broxah is still only in his rookie year with Fnatic. As his champion pool continues to grow he’s had an ever more devastating impact on opponents, and sooner rather than later he’ll be recognised as Europe’s best.

Meanwhile, Pridestalker is really only an infant to the LCS and we’re still not entirely sure what to expect of him. One of the continent’s up and coming talents, he lifted the Spring Promotion tournament trophy with Misfits Academy before being picked up for summer. So far, he hasn’t been able to ignite the rift for ROCCAT in the same way as in Challenger Series, but with our opponents still looking for their first win of the Summer, we’re expecting him to hit it hard in Week 3.

ROC Pridestalker

Photo Credit: Riot Games

With G2 and Misfits locking horns tomorrow, tonight’s series could see us cementing our place at the top of Group A ahead of next week’s cross-group showdown with H2K. Let’s go for the 4-0!