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Fnatic Weekly: 1st Place Secured!

The EU LCS Summer Split regular season was rounded out over the weekend and it’s safe to say that the Fnatic LoL team kept things interesting…

Even before a mouse was clicked the boys knew 1st place was secured, a performance almost typical of an underdog ROCCAT side serving G2 a pretty healthy slice of humble pie. The pressure was off and gave us a great opportunity to test new drafts in a stage environment; what worked, what didn’t and what we could improve.

On the other side, NiP had nothing to lose and nothing to gain themselves. Only a chance to improve ahead of the relegation tournament. Unfortunately for us our draft decisions put a timer on the win conditions. Eventually we’d be outscaled as NiP took the series 2-0. That said, it was refreshing to see new picks coming out; it’ll be awesome to bring out some new picks at playoffs so hopefully the team can work it out!

Saturday’s series was all about the bragging rights. The win would mean a huge mental edge going into playoffs, not to mention a serious grip on the European throne.

Settling right back into the meta, G2 dug their heels in with a tanky composition, Perkz taking up the Galio in mid to try and fend off a Caps onslaught. The early game was definitely in our opponent's favour, but as the game drew on, the overall poke and sheer damage output of the FNC comp, combined with the mitigation of Taric meant that tearing down the G2 pillars was a matter of time more than anything.

Game 2 saw Perkz switch onto a carry champ in Lucian, and while he did everything right in pulling in gold from kills, his side lanes let him down. sOAZ (after an early blip) took control of the top lane pressure while in the bot lane Rekkles and Jesiz proved to be more than a nuisance.

The real magic came together though when the team congealed into midlane; the Ashe ultimate an icy blue thorn in the side of G2’s tower defence. Poor Trick who bore the brunt of the barrage, dying multiple times to tower dives as his Maokai struggled to tank through the onslaught. Much more straightforward, we rounded out the split in the fashion we’ve been craving all year long.

The CoD team stormed through the group stages at the 2017 CWL Champs, annihilating their opposition and showing so much promise for the knockout bracket. The last tournament of the year before they make the switch to the boots to ground WW2 edition, all the boys wanted to cap off the season well.

The first round of the Winner’s Bracket reared and with it a clash with a bogey team for the Europeans, Team Allegiance who had earlier taken down Elevate.

Unfortunately it was a similar story for the Fnatic lads as their unfamiliar style proved a big problem. More clinical on the Hardpoints and more efficient in S&D, they pushed us into the Lower Bracket where we faced heavyweights in Luminosity.

We weren’t at the races and lost out 3-0 in the end. Despite the support from all the fans, no one has been more disappointed than the players themselves. We couldn’t be more proud of them for how far they’ve come and know they will be back stronger next year.

Gallery courtesy of Riot Games. Full gallery can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lolesports/albums/72...