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Fnatic Weekly - CS:GO Ready Up For Dallas!

Last week was all about CS:GO and our final few games before jetting off to Dallas for the ESL Pro League finals!

Tough games laid ahead in the Esports Championship Series with ties against Astralis, G2 and FaZe on the schedule. Our pro team was finding some of their classic consistency in previous weeks and we were ready for the battle.

We didn’t get off to the greatest start though. As the boys failed to get the Train engine going, Astralis showed their class, derailing us 16-1. However, after a short break we came back swinging in the first half before we exploded on T-side. Flusha picked up 24 kills and we ended the series 1-1.

After snatching the 2-0 the following day against mousesports, we had the chance to secure qualification to the ECS finals by beating G2 on Thursday. The French superteam had other ideas though, playing comfortably on Cobblestone and just edging us on Train.

We managed to secure our spot in London though, tackling FaZe in overtime on Mirage! We’ll now be seeing the boys live from the SSE Arena, Wembley at the end of June!

Photo credit: visitlondon.com

Don’t worry if you can’t wait that long. Tonight we’ll see the team in action on day 1 of the ESL Pro League Finals! The boys touched down in Dallas yesterday and have been getting ready for tonight’s matches against the NA opposition. Immortals and EnVyUs will be first up this evening, before we take on SK later on.

You can catch all the action, here.

LCS returns this week as well! The midseason break has dragged on for fans, but the players have been hard at work for weeks. We’ll see it pay off this Thursday when sOAZ, Jesiz, Broxah, Caps and Rekkles return to the rift for a showdown with a fresh looking Misfits side! Then, on Saturday, we’ll be taking on LCS newcomers NiP in the latest edition of the Swedish derby!

Keep an eye out for our previews on both!

Photo credit: Riot Games