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Fnatic Weekly: Europe's undisputed best

The LoL team were back to their emphatic best this week as they completed the 5-0 sweep of Group B!

Taking down the Unicorns of Love in a 2-1 reversal, the boys booked their place in Paris with 3 games yet to play, displaying the sort of swagger that fans have come to expect from Fnatic lineups.

These were (and still are) the two strongest teams in Europe. UOL made their mark at Rift Rivals while tightening a vice grip on the summit of Group B. They’d already put the likes of G2 and H2K to the horn and had absolutely staked their claim to the throne. The patch had suited itself perfectly for these two teams as well. Nothing. But. Fights.

Game 1 showed nothing else than the back and forth we’d hoped for. Incredible brawls, exciting team play. It was just unfortunate that at the death we came off second best, UOL winning out in another classic base race fiesta.

Pick and ban phase made a world of difference going into the second. Broxah onto the revitalised Cho’Gath was huge and the Jungler put in an MVP performance, burying botlane early on and snowballing the lanes perfectly.

“If we play around me guys, this game is really over” - Broxah

The momentum was everything and as we rounded out game 3, the confidence was palpable. The team is now undisputably the best in Europe; all we have to do now is secure our spot at worlds.

At the PGL Major, the CS:GO boys secured their 11th consecutive Legend spot, the only team ever to do so. In Krakow for a full week before the event, the team had poured everything into boot camping in the hope that they could turn their fortunes. In recent tournament we have been struggling to make it out of groups so the need for it was obvious.

Coming through the Swiss format, it felt like there was every chance it could be another unfortunate meeting. Losses to home favourites Virtus.Pro and juggernauts Astralis put us on the brink of an exit, but it was flusha, the king of clutching to pull us back. 7-2 down, it was he with a classic VAC only he could pull of to tilt our opponents off a cliff.

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G2 were next, the french superteam. It needed everything we had but the quality shone through. Quarter finals and legend status secured, we took to the stage on Friday against Gambit, who for all intents and purposes were not the favourite. On paper, they were a team that had done well to where they got to and could have been grateful for it.

When we faced them though, they were reaching new levels and unfortunately for us shunted us out of the tournament. It stung, badly. Though now in hindsight, seeing Gambit bullying the likes of Astralis and taking the whole damn tournament, for them we only have applause.

This Week

While the CS:GO boys venture away for a well earned vacation, we’ve still got a bunch of great games to come! Friday at 8pm we’ll see the LoL team taking on Misfits as we enter the Summer Split home stretch, while the Vainglory guys will be back in action over the weekend.

At the same time it’s a massive weekend for the Call of Duty team as they venture stateside for the CWL Season 2 Playoffs! We’ll be rooting for you all the way guys; keep an eye out for coverage.