We're coming to Spain!

We can confirm that we'll be on site at both DreamHack Valencia and DreamHack Sevilla, which will be the first events at which Fnatic are on site at in Spain with a full Fnatic Shop.

Fnatic friends CooLifeGame and Rouz Vega will be on site for Meet & Greets with fans, and there'll be the always special Fnatic prizes to win in LoL and CS:GO 1v1 tournaments.

“We’re very happy to welcome DreamHack Spain to Fnatic, one of the greatest and well-supported esports teams around the world. We have been working at DreamHack Spain since 2010 to bring the best competitions and the best players on the planet to Spain; it’s great news that DreamHack Valencia and DreamHack Seville visitors will have the opportunity to experience the Fnatic universe for themselves.” - Arturo Castelló, Director of DreamHack Spain

Fnatic Gear, apparel and exclusive items only available to the DreamHack visitors will be on display and for sale at the interactive booths.

Fnatic has always had strong ties to Spain since the days of Xpeke, so we are of course very excited about our partnership with DreamHack! With LCS Summer Split in Madrid just being announced we are really looking forward to making 2018 a year of Spanish focus!

Our goal is that it should always be better to be a Fnatic fan. That’s why we’re on site at as many gaming events as possible around the world trying to make people’s experiences even better. We know we have quite a big following in Spain, so we hope to make some of these happy! - Erik Londre, Fnatic Head of Events