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GAMERZ | Team Red Are Our Champions!


Meddo, EC1S, MaTaFe, CaNNiE and AlekS took the W last night with a convincing 2-0 on Mirage and Inferno, the latter map stirring the kind of performance champions are known for.

For the last three weeks, the best undiscovered Counter-Strike talent from across Europe have been going to war in Sweden. Coached by former pros and legends of CS, DevilWalk and Spawn put their players’ skills to trial on the server, while in real life the challengers pushed their bodies harder than ever in a bid to get a mental edge over the competition.

Military training exercises, icy endurance tests and some definitely questionable local cuisine were just some a few of the challenges teams had to rise to, and even with many admirable performances proved to be absolute broadcast gold!

Earning a spot on the starting roster has been everything to these guys. A poor practice performance often being the knife edge that separated a place in the team from a seat on the bench. One had to prove they were truly worthy of a spot on their team for that night’s match and, with the stakes raised, it was never difficult to find a showreel moment!

One of the most memorable plays came on the very first day of competition. Bomez, an absolute demon on the AWP let loose a 1v3 clutch that JW would have been proud of.

His reflexes were undeniable, but not enough to give Blue the winning edge in the final.

Each night, the Red vs Blue match put everything at stake! Competitors in the winning team would be safe for another day, but, the players on the losing team risked losing their spot. After the match the experts in the studio selected a new challenger to enter their team, meaning that the losing team’s coach had to send one of his players home…

20 players entered the GAMERZ house over the course of the series, with the final 10 entering yesterday’s ultimate fight.

Team Red

Coach: DevilWalk (Sweden)

Meddo (Sweden)

Ec1s (United Kingdom)

MaTaFe (Slovenia)

CaNNiE (Czech Republic)

AlekS (Sweden)

Team Blue

Coach: Spawn (Sweden)

Logicx (Norway)

Kamil (Poland)

Carcass (Lithuania)

Bomez (Slovenia)

dFx (Belgium)

Mirage proved to be incredibly tight, the boys in blue pushing DevilWalk’s team to the absolute limit. Bomb down and with the timer pressing on and on, it was AlekS who stepped up to the clutch, defusing to deny what would have been the point to force overtime. That’s the sort of back breaking moment that can win a tournament.

The momentum carried through as Blue couldn’t dig their heels in on Inferno. Cool, calm and calculated, Team Red seized the win with a 16-3 stomp!

Our champions now face a new mountain to climb. The prize of a Bootcamp with Fnatic awaits at GameEffect in Jönköping, Sweden. Following that, we’ll offer selected members a chance to become part of the Fnatic Academy Programme for a minimum of 6 months.

We’ve had amazing success in the Academy Programme over the last few years, in Counter-Strike as well as across our other titles. Our most successful graduate, Maikil ‘Golden’ Selim is testament to that.

Golden began his career with us as in-game leader for FA, winning his first title at China Top in 2017 before rising to the senior roster. He was recently crowned IEM and WESG Champion after leading our pro-roster to glory!

We’re elated for the GAMERZ winners! It’s been immensely challenging and all participants have been a credit to themselves. Now is where the real work begins, with a 6 month pro contract there for the taking.