We sat down with one our Rainbow Six Siege stars, Ethan "RizRaz" Wombwell to find out more about his journey to becoming a professional gamer and what hopes and dreams his has for the rest of his career.

We're guessing you got into gaming at a young age, what got you started?

I got started into gaming quite early, specifically around 200. My earliest memory is of my Dad bringing home a PS3 from work and loading Gran Turismo as I wasn't allowed to play anything violent. What really kicked it off for me was a few years later my parents moved the family to a rural town in the middle of Queensland, with nothing to do other than school I mainly stayed inside playing a variety of games.

Was Rainbow Six Siege the first game you ever competed in?

Rainbow Six was the first game I competed in at a high level. Before R6, I was playing Counter-Strike at an amateur level but wasn't finding any foothold to make it higher.

When did you start going to tournaments/competing? Do you remember much about your first tournament?

My first LAN event was the very first ANZ invitational, though my first major event was the 2018 Invitational, I remember being extremely nervous but eager to show the thousands of people what I could do. We didn't win but we made history as the first Australian team to make it out of the group stage and for us that was monumental. It showed us we were only at the beginning of starting something great.

Do you remember the moment you first heard you would be playing for Fnatic? How big a move was that for the APAC region?

I remember sitting down and reading through Discord that we had some offers from orgs, big orgs. I questioned Dizzle (my coach) on who it could be, listing a few orgs off to him until he told me it wasn't any of them, it was something "much bigger". I couldn't think of who could possibly be bigger than those I’d listed so my curiosity asked again on who it could be, the moment I was told it was Fnatic I was shocked. I had been a follower of Fnatic since playing CS and could not think of why they would pick up an Australian team. It hadn't been heard of for an org that prestigious to pick up a team from such an undeveloped region such as Australia, it left me stunned for quite a while.

How has this year been for you and the team so far? What are you aims for the rest of 2019?

The year has been up and down for me. It's been hard work rewarded with small victories at LAN, it's been hard work abolished with losses, but we have always shown improvement and continue to work harder - aiming to bring home a trophy for ourselves and Fnatic. Everyone aims to win the Major, and we’re no different, but for us it will be a lot more meaningful. Not many people believe in Australian esports and winning Major would stun a lot of people. I’m aiming to shock the world and winning something big will do exactly that.