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Heroes of Newerth: The Last Stand

Fnatic’s history has been a montage of success and achievement in countless esports across the globe. From the early days of 1.6 and Warcraft 3, right up to modern platforms of Overwatch, LoL and CS:GO, we’ve experienced the same emotional peaks that have kept our love for competition so healthy.

One period that is so often forgotten was our dominant Heroes of Newerth roster, absolute giants of the scene who managed to string together four consecutive Dreamhack titles without dropping a single game - a ridiculous mantle that would be difficult to rival in any esport of the modern era.

Twice voted Best Team by both HoNCast and GosuGamers in 2010 and 2011, the classic roster led by Jascha ‘NoVa’ Markuse consistently held their place at the top of the competitive ladder, claiming the 2011 Steelseries World Cup and accumulating nearly $70,000 in prize money over two years - some serious money at this earlier stage of esports.

That heroic team would go on to forge our first steps into the mammoth that is DotA 2, leaving an everlasting footprint in our journey within MOBAs. NoVa, NOtail, Fly and Era were joined by H4nni as they made the steady transition from their comfortable platform to more competitive pastures.

Now nearly six years down the line, everyone at Fnatic is stoked be able to announce a one-off return to HoN where we’ll be able to celebrate our legacy for the final time as we field a team for our last event in the scene.

Our special, entirely Swedish roster made up of Makke, iNSaNiA, Xibbe, Boxi & miCKe will head to Bangkok, Thailand for the weekend of April 1st, taking on three South East Asian teams for a share of 4,000,000 Baht. They’ll be coached by Katkejs who will join them when they take to the stage at BITEC, as the team will be looking to add one final flourish to our story in Newerth.

We sat down with Makke to gather his thoughts on the event.

It’s been a long time since Fnatic fought in Newerth. How has the game evolved in our absence given that the last match we played was in 2011?

It's an entirely different game. Different hero pool, changed map, new items, reworked heroes/items, faster pace, more gpm etc etc. It’s a lot of changes and pretty much a completely new game.

How does this roster compare to classic Fnatic? Do you have a similar play style or can we expect something completely new?

There is no way to compare HoN in 2010 to HoN in 2017. Comparing the legends from the past to the players now is not fair. The game evolved and so did the players. What was considered great in that meta holds less value in this one.

Can you shed some light on your opponents? Who poses the most formidable threat between Aghanim, Neolution and Phoenix MiXs?

I think the Thai teams are always scary. I have been looking at the Thai qualifiers and a couple of replays of the teams we are facing and from what i have seen MiXs looks like the team that in my opinion raises the biggest threat. All the teams there are different from the teams we played in EU so it's hard to judge because they have a different meta. It's going to be fun seeing who has the upper hand.

It would be an amazing send off if we were to bring home the trophy from the BITEC. How do you rate our chances?

I like our chances. I feel like we are a super strong 5 man roster, individually and as a team. We have similar play styles, the same mindset and the same idea of how to play the game. It's a new team but we all know each other from before so we are all good friends and the atmosphere is amazing. So I feel really good coming into this event.