In no small part, Jesper Wecksell and Freddy Johansson are esports legends. We are delighted that JW and Krimz—two of the greatest Counter-Strike players of all time—have signed on for three more years at Fnatic.

Although both spent brief time away from Fnatic, their combined time in Black and Orange now counts to almost a decade. Not only were they a part of our greatest team, but JW—alongside flusha and pronax—holds our record three Major wins as an individual. The first, of course, was when the then 18-year old became the first ever Major MVP at DreamHack Winter 2013.

“After pretty much five years straight (except one hiccup) in the organisation, I simply feel like I’m home. I know I won’t find a better home and I know I won't make the same mark and create the same legacy elsewhere. I've always been a Fnatic fan. Ever since I got into the scene, cArn, f0rest et al were my heroes. I want to be that kind of guy to someone else, you know? It just makes perfect sense to me.”

The best moment I’ve had so far is pretty close between the first major we won, which was a big shock to everyone—the whole scene was impressed. The second major win is also very special because we were so dominant and we messed up the major prior to it. But, most of all, I’m so proud of how we kept going despite everything against us.” - Jesper ‘JW’ Wecksell

In a scene where few games have had the same longevity, holding such legendary status as players cannot be praised enough. Up until a bitterly disappointing London Major in September, Krimz was one of only two players to reach legend status in each of the twelve Global Offensive Majors previous. Only our old buddy, Olofmeister remains.

“I think our current roster is the best one we’ve had so far. We haven't shown the same performances, of course, but i'm sure it will come eventually. Outside the game, I’ve never experienced something close to it, everyone is like a family, everyone is helping each other out whenever needed, inside and out of the game. Everyone wants to help bring out the best from each other.

I’m confident we can defend our title in Katowice, that is obviously the goal. However, in terms of expectations and "predictions", I would say we are going to be insanely disappointed if we don't reach top four.” - Freddy ‘Krimz’ Johansson

The re-signing comes timely with IEM Katowice beginning on February 13th for us. Alongside, Xizt, Brollan & twist, JW & Krimz fight to defend our title and win a fourth Major.