We’re still on top of the LEC (alphabetically) but moving into week 3 of the Summer Split we finally get a chance to take sole possession of first place. With a local derby against Excel and match against our long-standing rivals G2, it's looking like an exciting couple of days of action.

Our two matches take us to both ends of the LEC standings but the result will be the same throughout: #FNCWin

G2: Seppuku

First up it’s our main title rivals G2 though they’ve got a long way to go to catch up to our record seven European titles, or at least actually make a Worlds final.

Carlos Ocelote Rodriguez Santiago could never get the better of Fnatic on the Rift himself so he went away to create his own super-team to rival us and to be fair to him, he’s done a good job. G2’s roster possesses a frightening mix of mechanical skill and creativity especially with Rasmus Caps Winther who was the monster we created. But as any Fnatic fan will know, Caps wasn’t the first talented mid-laner we made and he certainly isn't the last. Tim Nemesis Lipovšek is unbelievably good and will show that he’s more of an upgrade than just a replacement.

Plus we have some unfinished business with G2 as we didn’t get to battle them in Rotterdam. The last time we met on the Rift, Martin Rekkles Larsson and Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov gave Ocelote flashbacks as they backdoored G2’s base for an well-earned win. As far as we’re concerned, G2 haven’t beaten us since February and while it won’t be easy we’re determined to keep that streak going.

Excel: Civil war

Then on Saturday we'll pop down on the tube for a cheeky match with Excel which will hopefully end up in a meal over Nandos if there’s no hard feelings after we win.

Excel are the new guys on the block and we see a lot of ourselves in them. They have a passion for developing their own superstars and of course they’re fellow Londoner. Excel certainly have impressive facilities over in Twickenham but let’s face it, Fnatic is the only LEC team who could fill the 82,000 seater stadium.

The team was created by two brothers over a pint in a pub and it shows, their play has been Sunday League quality at times this season. Though no underdog story is complete without early struggles and we’re sure they’ll eventually reach their potential but until then, the young pups will have to wait a lot longer before picking up their first win against us.