As we come off the back of a runners-up finish at the Paladins World Championship in January, we head into the second season of the Paladins Premier League making one change.

Coming in on loan from Virtus Pro, who had played in the PWC with a temporary substitute, is Leander ‘Isbittenner’ Aspestrand. He will united with the team for the Spring Season with an option to join permanently thereafter.

Isbittenner will replace Giulio 'Cybe8' Bavaresco in the starting lineup and will take over the mantle of the hitscan/carry role from the young Italian.

Cybe8 will move from the active roster into a reserve role as we enter PPL Season 2.

We took the Paladins Premier League by storm in 2017, taking the #1 spot in the inaugural season of the EU league. At the World Championship, we became the masters of the comeback fighting all the way to the grand final having fallen behind in all of our series.

The online Paladins Premier League will start up again on 10th March - five weeks of European Paladins action every Saturday.