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Play of the Month - April Edition

With Spring Split reaching its climax in League of Legends this month, and our CS:GO team battling in both ECS and the ESL Pro League we’ve seen A LOT of awesome matches, and that’s meant tonnes of sick plays by our pros!

Here in the office we’ve been picking out our favourite moments which we’re going to be nominating for play of the month!

First up is from the Swedish derby! In the final group stage match of Starseries Season 3, flusha took a strangle hold on B site. Flanked from both ramps, our boy mows down 3 with the UMP before bullying GeT_RiGhT away with a deagle/molly assault.

Then was our LCS side’s humbling of European heavyweights, H2K. With match point on the line and our opponents on the defense the LoL team unleashed a barrage of chained CC: first with a brave ult from Jesiz, into taunt from sOAZ and then the devastation that is Kennen’s Slicing Maelstrom. With Caps’ Celestial Expansion chipping away more and more into the enemy healthbars, the ace was inevitable.

Last but by no means least it the unkillable demon king that is Rekkles. No amount of burst was strong to breach the big ass FNC shield protecting him, as both PoE’s LeBlanc and Hans Sama’s Ashe tried and failed to bring down the Swede. The sheer power in the AD Carry’s strongest pick was too much for Misfits and it completely escapes why it isn’t perma banned!

Know your favourite? Head over to our Twitter page to cast your vote on Play of the Month - we’ll be announcing the winner 2/5/17.

Think we’ve missed a really sick play from one of our other teams? Let us know! Tweet us at @FNATIC with your favourite play from April.