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Our Play of the Month for June won by an absolute landslide in our voting poll, and considering the calibre of last month's highlight reel that is no small order!

Congratulations to our League of Legends team! They take the award for their awesome wombo combo against H2K where they clean aced the opposition before completing the 2-0 sweep. The Thresh hook into Gragas cask into Kennen's Slicing Maelstrom. All that was needed was the mop up from Caps to complete the win. Nearly 4,000 of you answered our Facebook and Twitter posts, with a massive 64% majority going for LoL. It was a standout moment for our roster who cemented their spot at Europe's summit, having now beaten 4 of the other top 5 teams, with Unicorns of Love now the only pillar left standing.

You can watch the original clip below.

We had a great mix of clips this month with FIFA and CS:GO also featuring. Keep sending us your favourites this month by @'ing us on Twitter and you may see your favourite clip featuring!