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Pro League Preview: Fnatic take on Astralis

These 1-1s have been costing us. Right now we sit dead middle of the table, 9 points off the pacesetters and 3 from FaZe in the 6th and final playoffs position. At the same time Wednesday night’s opponents, Astralis are flying high at the ESL summit, trailing only Na’Vi on round difference - HLTV’s #1 team have been squeezing the best out of their purple patch of form.

The Danes have clearly found a winning combination. They’ve held onto their top spot for months now and show little sign of slowing down. That puts all the onus on us to perform on the night.

First map up will be Inferno. We’ve been hitting our stride on the revamp since the classic roster reformed in February, hitting a 70% win rate and seeing Olof and KRiMZ show flashes of their dominant 2015 form.

See them both closing on B site? Well, we guess it’s not your B site anymore.

Train is a tricky one. It’s one of Astralis’s best maps, no doubt, and if device and Kjaerbye get going then they will be the ones to give us a hard time. It’s such a momentum driven map though and if we see JW get in the groove on the AWP then we’ll be in a really good position. Couple that with the potential for Dennis and flusha to explode and it could be a very interesting evening.

    "This season has been crazy even and the match tomorrow is super important for us - partly because we need it for advancing but also to make a statement against the best the team in the world right now." - KRiMZ

The most important thing is to get points on the board. We desperately want to get ourselves into that top 6 and at the moment we’re just on the edge. Another 1-1 isn’t ideal. Get the 2-0 and we really start to put FaZe under pressure.