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Rift Rivals! TSM take the Title

RIFT RIVALS IS HERE! This week we'll be battling it out for intercontinental supremacy when three European powerhouses take on the best 'talent' that North America has to offer. Cloud 9, Phoenix1 and Team SoloMid have stepped onto our Berlin turf where Fnatic, G2 and the Unicorns of Love will be out to settle the latest Western battle.

We're super excited for some really juicy clashes, but what we're most looking forward to are the individual match ups. For Caps, it's going to be very interesting as this will be his first time taking on the big names of NA. Jensen and Bjergsen have both got big reputations, and it'll be down to our young midlaner to prove who really is the strongest Dane!

Meanwhile in the Jungle, Broxah has his own tasty fights on his hands. Contractz has made a storming start to his professional career, winning rookie of the Spring Split and looking very strong indeed. At the same time, MikeYeung has made a big impact at P1 while Svenskeren's all round experience makes him an incredibly formidable opponent.

The opening stages will see a double round-robin, where every EU team will face every NA team twice in Best-of-1 showdowns. At the end of play, the highest ranked teams from both regions will face off in a Best-of-5 with the winner taking the spoils of war and intercontinental bragging rights!


FNC vs P1 - 5/7 18:00 CET

C9 vs FNC - 5/7 21:00 CET

TSM vs FNC - 6/7 19:00 CET

P1 vs FNC - 6/7 21:00 CET

FNC vs TSM - 7/7 19:00 CET

FNC vs C9 - 7/7 21:00 CET