We are delighted to be taking another step into mobile esports as we now see the Black and Orange join the inaugural season of the Rules of Survival Global Series!

We will be entering the Southeast Asian division of the RGS, the “Regional Clash”, and we’ll be straight into action starting from 20th October.

After returning to the Southeast Asian esports scene in 2015 with Fnatic Dota 2, we have seen the fervent and incredibly passion nature of the region, and we have seen only growth and success come to the region with it; we are thrilled to soon be extending our involvement in Southeast Asia.

The Rules of Survival Global Series officially began in July of this year, with the launch of several competitive regions through the world. Since then, we have been reviewing the league and could not be happier to be taking the step into the game.

FunEase, a joint venture between FunPlus Sports and NetEase, have organised and are running the RGS, and we have already seen them announce the likes of Cloud9 joining the global ranks.

“I would like to formally welcome Cloud9 and Fnatic to the world of Rules of Survival! We are thrilled to have some of the best esports teams in the world participate in the competition. Rules of Survival Global Series is getting a lot of traction worldwide, and I look forward to seeing both professional and grassroot teams across each region compete for the world champion title.” - Andy Zhong, Founder and CEO of FunPlus

"We are proud to partner up with Netease Games, FunPlus and the other founding teams and enter competitive Rules of Survival. We have been amazed by the professionalism and vision of this joint-venture, and we look forward to further support the exciting world of mobile esports." - Patrik Sättermon, co-owner and CGO of Fnatic

We’ve seen thousands of RoS players around the world already form over 2000 teams compete in finals of each division, and we will soon be announcing which team we will see compete under the Fnatic banner!