After announcing that we’d be entering the Rules of Survival Global Series, we can today reveal the team that will be representing the Black and Orange!

The newest members of Fnatic are TheDaaa, CT, VOORRIXX, JanFluk and Arin.

We stepped into the Southeast Asian esports scene before with operations in Malaysia and Indonesia, but this marks our first full time entry into Thailand.

With a mix of leadership, mechanics and supportive tendencies, the team is built to go into RGS as the pride of Thailand. Three of the team arrive from OFGOD, the winners of the SEA Cup that took place earlier this year.

“It’s an incredible honour for me to have the chance of my life to join Fnatic.

At first, after I had finished previous seasons, I decided to stop playing. But since I have opportunity with Fnatic - I absolutely cannot let this chance slide.

I promise I will do the best to make this team become the best team!” - Chitson “TheDaaa” Kaewsawat

The team will be entering the Southeast Asian division of the RGS, the “Regional Clash”, and we’ll be straight into action on 27th October 2018.

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