With the European Regional League circuit coming fast to a conclusion in its inaugural year beside LEC, we make three changes to Fnatic Rising, our UK League of Legends team.

Brian ‘Bando’ Ferrando arrives in London as our new toplaner whilst Ronaldo ‘Ronaldooo’ Betea is promoted to a starting position as support.

We bid farewell to Tom ‘Prosfair’ Willis whilst Jordan ‘Shikari’ Pointon has elected to move to a substitute position.

With Daniel ‘Dan’ Hockley being promoted to our LEC roster before the Summer Split began, the remaining members of the Fnatic Rising roster that won the inaugural UK League of Legends Championship title before reaching top 4 in EU Masters are Felix ‘MagiFelix’ Boström and Matthew ‘xMatty’ Coombs.

When we introduced our new League of Legends academy team, we stated the following:

“The spirit of Fnatic Rising is to prove that this is our proving grounds for becoming worldly. We’re not here to be normal, we’re here to shake things up. We’re not here to settle, we’re here to always go higher.”

After seeing countless players come through the ranks of Fnatic Academy and now Rising - Dan being promoted full-time to the LEC roster, xMatty being our LEC Spring Split finals substitute, MagiFelix making his LEC Studio debut this Summer - we will always make sure to show what it is to be Fnatic Rising, what it means to not settle.

Prosfair has shown consistent success across the UK League of Legends scene and we hope the sentiments instilled into Fnatic Rising stay with Tom into ever next step of his career.

Having shown nothing but eloquence and warmth whilst with us in the London HQ, Prosfair will be sorely missed and as much can be seen in his longer-form statement:

"I'm simply sorry to my teammates that I couldn't fix core issues and caused the team so many problems. Ronaldooo is a very talented player who shows very fast growth, adaptability and most of all has a great attitude that can help any team. I'm sure he will develop into a great support faster than anyone expects.

I wish the best of luck to my old teammates and I hope I get to watch them winning EU Masters this time round. #AlwaysFnatic"

In recent weeks, we’ve seen Ronaldooo already show dominant performances in both midlane when replacing MagiFelix whilst he made his debut with our LEC team in Berlin, and most recently toplane when taking the place of Shikari. The Romanian has shown incredible adaptability, even now when he makes the move to a support role beside xMatty in the botlane.

Due to personal reasons, Shikari has taken the choice to step back from our starting lineup after Tower 6 of the UKLC Summer Split.

Coming in for Tower 7 and the UKLC Summer Playoffs, Bando arrives as Rising’s new toplaner from GamersOrigin. Already in summer, Bando and GamersOrigin missed out on a LFL 2019 Summer Playoff spot by only a head-to-head record. The Swiss toplaner was a part of the Team LDLC roster that won LFL 2019 Spring earlier this year.

"I'm proud to join Fnatic, one of the best organisations in Europe. I know that we can achieve a win at EU Masters this summer, and, for me, this is the most logical way of one day achieving my dream of playing in the LEC. I'm really hyped to play with this team and I can't wait to show the UK and Europe what I'm capable of." - Brian ‘Bando’ Ferrando

Fnatic Rising Roster from UKLC Tower 7:
Top lane: Bando
Jungle: Nji
Midlane: MagiFelix
Botlane: xMatty
Support: Ronaldooo
Coach: Jandro