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Vainglory Update: Keygasza Joins As Coach!

Great news for Fnatic Vainglory fans today as we welcome a new addition to the team!

We’ve been part of Vainglory for some months now, taking on standout talent in Palmatoro, Nettetoilette and TetnoJJ at the beginning of the #Vainglory8 Spring Split. The progress has been strong as well, but after our showing at the Western Unified Championship, it was clear that the roster would benefit from a supporting structure.

It is with that in mind that we are delighted to welcome our new coach, Alexander ‘Keygasza’ Rudolph! The 21 year old German joins the team after a successful trial period where he proved an instant hit with the boys.

“We started looking into several coaches but decided to stick with Alex due to his open minded approach and his knowledge about the game.” - Jan ‘Careion’ Hoffmann, Team Manager

We can’t wait to see what Keygasza brings to the table!

“I'm planning to become an important part of the team and to lead the team to great success. I still didn't realize completely where I am now, as it is basically a dream coming true, but I will work even harder to make Fnatic Vainglory one of the best teams in the world.” - Alexander ‘Keygasza’ Rudolph

1) How did you first get involved with esports?

My first involvement with esports was "teeworlds", a cute 2d shooter with few tactical aspects and focus on mechanics. After that I moved onto Call of Duty MW3 and then to League of Legends where I first started coaching and theory crafting with other coaches. That's where I first heard about Vainglory.

2) How did you decide to move into the coaching and analysis side?

In LoL, people started asking me for help on how to improve. I like to help players and I think that I can always learn from that too so I did it more and more. At some point I realized that I can not only help single players but teams too. I already began doing calculations of efficiency of builds etc for myself and loved having talks with others about their thoughts on things.

3) What are your thoughts on the Fnatic VG squad? Have you had the chance to meet them yet?

Actually Nettetoilette was the first Vainglory pro I met in the community! I saw the members in London at the Unified Championship and actually had to prepare against them as I was a part of Cyclone at that point. I'm really looking forward to work together with them as they are very experienced already in playing the game and playing together but also know what it is like to work with an analyst. Overall I can't wait to be a part of the family.

4) What are your goals for the rest of the year? The Western Unified Championship is coming up in just a few weeks.

Short answer: Win! Long answer: Getting to the World Championship would be amazing but even if that's too much for now to ask I think that's the ultimate goal for the next year so I guess until then we are going to take over Europe and then the rest of the World.