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Vainglory8 Summer Championship: LIVE

The Vainglory8 Summer Championship is here! After an incredibly successful regular season in which FNATIC secured the second seed in Europe, we now once again take to the stage with the West's best teams. Palmatoro, TetnoJJ, Nettetoilette and Keygasza touched down in California this week, ready for the fight at LA's Globe Theatre.

Fnatic secured 2nd seed in Europe.

We sat down with the team earlier to get their impressions going into the tournament.

The Summer Live Championship is coming up and you’re playing versus NOVA esports in your first match, how do you rate your chances of beating NA?


We have a different view on the NA teams, there is a Top 3 that we think is TSM, Cloud9 and Immortals. We practiced against them and think we have a good chance of beating them and the NA teams that are a little bit weaker.


I also think one of the biggest strengths we have is that EU is overall considered as a weaker region so we’re put in the underdog role.The pressure is therefore more on the NA teams than on us and we have nothing to lose.

You recently added Keygasza as your coach, how has the addition of Alex changed your practice habits and the atmosphere in the team?


It’s definitely a good addition. We have been a bit unorganised in our practice before, and Alex brings more structure and the right gameplan to the team. The athmosphere is really good and we argue less about drafts and tactics as he is leading the way, and when we’re having difficult times he’s able to bring the team back together, so we’re overall really happy with the addition.

In preparation for this tournament you bootcamped earlier in Los Angeles, how was it?


Very succesful I’d say. we practiced for like 10 hours every day and worked on everything that needed to be fixed.


We scrimmed most of the time to get to know the current meta in North America, which was very important going forward. We put some good compositions together to deal with this meta. I think just because of the bootcamp we have a higher chance of beating the NA teams.

Without spoiling anything, can we expect any special tactics?


Maybe. I think we got some really good compositions and are able to surprise some teams. We tried a lot of stuff during the bootcamp, so stay tuned for our games.

Who are you looking forward to play the most at this tournament?


I want to play TSM. They are the favourites to win the whole event and have been a bit annoying in scrims and I just want to beat them.


I am more excited about playing C9 in the Final. I think they’re more dangerous at offline events and have in my point of view the biggest shot at winning this tournament.