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Management Team

The Management behind Fnatic all have one thing in common; they all share a huge passion for Electronic Sports, more commonly known as "esports". To turn enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurial skills into a thriving global brand and business at the infancy of a new world sport. Achieved through the creation of the most prolific, successful and well known team.

Our people

Fnatic’s co-founder and chairman of the board, Sam is the innovative lightning bolt to transform an esports chieftain into a globally recognised lifestyle brand.

Founder & Chairman

Sam Mathews

Pivotal in leading our charge to the top of esports, Fnatic’s co-founder is now happily retired, enjoying new adventures around the world.


Anne Mathews

With a fervour for business development Fnatic’s CEO, Wouter leads us into ambitious new territory following a hugely successful career in digital marketing.


Wouter Sleijffers

A true legend of Fnatic, Patrik “cArn” Sattermon has turned a trophy laden career as a pro-gamer into a winning role as Chief Gaming Officer, shaping our teams into global challengers.


Patrik Sattermon

The entrepreneur behind Fractal Design and GTEK Distribution, Hannes brings more than 15 years in the computer hardware industry to the Fnatic board room.

Board Member (CEO Fractal Designs)

Hannes Wallin

Chris represents Raptor Group, one of Fnatic’s paramount investors who also count action sport giants AS Roma and the Boston Celtics among its operations.

Board Member (Investor Raptor Group)

Chris Pallotta

One of the hardest working men in esports, Danijel is instrumental in delivering high quality projects, while at the same time managing our general activities.

Head of Production

Danijel Remus

A true innovator, Benoit’s obsession for Fnatic is to be at the heart of esports’ modern marketplace as our brand develops in this new and dynamic industry.

Head of Marketing

Benoit Pagotto

With a proven track record of paramount R&D leadership, Felix utilises more than 20 years in the business to bring forward Fnatic’s latest and greatest gaming peripherals.

Head of R&D

Felix Guerra

Finance & Legal Consultant

Rosenbelle Ganan

Head of Apparel and Merchandise

Jelena Markovic

HR & office assistant

Milena Kisprdilov

Brand Activation Manager

Faye Marlborough

Head of Partnerships

Róisín O’Shea

Senior Art Director

Oskar Sisi

Marketing Campaign Manager

Josephin Reiners

Gary is at the helm of all Fnatic’s monetary activities, from overseeing our performance and forecast to our day-to-day accounts and budgeting.

Interim FD

Gary Kennedy

With a solid background in PC peripherals, Andrew’s positive attitude and attention to detail has aided Fnatic Gear’s acclaimed venture into computer hardware.

Product Strategist

Andrew Kim

Responsible for ensuring the smooth running of Fnatic’s shop and wholesale operations, Ian approaches his role with gusto, ensuring a superb customer experience.

Head of Logistics

Ian Dunbar

Serving as chairman of the board at Fnatic Gear, Ingemar lends nearly 30 years of business experience to our new start up venture.

Chairman Fnatic Gear

Ingemar Fredriksson

Head of Content

Alexander Hobern

Head of Events

Erik Londre

Senior Team Operations

Carl Hagberg Flink