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Robin Rönnquist



Player Name





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Robin's Equipment

Mouspad Boost Control Mousepad

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PC Chillblast Fnatic Official Gaming PC

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Headset Duel Modular Gaming Headset

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Keyboard Rush Pro Gaming Keyboard, Red MX Cherry Switches

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Mouse Clutch Optical Gaming Mouse

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Robin's' Biography

Flusha is a different breed, a demon on the rifle whose reflexes dwarf even those of the world's best. Constantly accused of cheating, sometimes you have to wonder whether the monstrous plays of the Clutch master emanate from his disgusting skill set, or he's just too smart for the VAC system.

Either way, flusha is back with Fnatic's Swedish superteam, and we'll no doubt be seeing trophies decorated in black and orange in 2017.

Robin's ID Card

  • Name Robin Rönnquist
  • Player Name flusha
  • Hometown Upplands Väsby
  • Date of Birth 1993-08-12
  • Age -
  • Game CS:GO
  • Role Rifler
TV Show The Wire
Travel Destination Home
Pastime Sleeping

Robin's Favorite Game

Counter-Strike 1.6

Robin's Favorite Event

Dreamhack winter 2013

Robin's Favorite In-game champion


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