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Dob Engström



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Dob's Equipment

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Dob's' Biography

Regarded by many players in the European scene as the best assassin on the continent, QuackNiix brings more to the FNATIC Heroes of the Storm roster than his phenomenal mechanics. He is the team-captain, main-shotcaller and drafter of the team. His leadership and positive mental fortitude has been paramount to the team's success, pushing FNATIC to the top of competitive play.

During his time with FNATIC, QuackNiix gained attention especially for his play with Greymane and Falstad.

Dob's ID Card

  • Name Dob Engström
  • Player Name Quackniix
  • Hometown Lidingö
  • Date of Birth 1995-12-01
  • Age -
  • Game HotS
  • Role Main Ranged
Music House
Food Pizza
Book How to be a professional gamer
TV Show The Big Bang Theory
Travel Destination Spain

Dob's Favorite Video Game


Dob's Favorite Hero


Dob's Favorite Map

Cursed Hollow

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