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Oliver Lager



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Oliver's Equipment

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Oliver's' Biography

Vonethil has demonstrated his strength as an in-game leader in multiple teams across Europe and North America. In June 2016, Vonethil decided to cancel his trial with Team Liquid and join his former teammates in a new lineup that would soon be picked up by Fnatic. He can now be seen maining Lucio, but also has a wide hero pool which makes him ideal for his team's support/flex.

Throughout the 2016 campaign and entering the new year, Vonethil has shown his skills as a leader put him and his team a cut above their opposition.

Oliver's ID Card

  • Name Oliver Lager
  • Player Name Vonethil
  • Hometown Johanneshov
  • Date of Birth 1995-12-16
  • Age -
  • Game Overwatch
  • Role Support/Flex
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