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Apex Legends NA Team

iShiny Muffinzz Spirit

Apex Legends NA

Apex Legends NA Team Introduction

Apex NA's foundation was created at a very early stage when the game was just recently released. The Players that eventually formed the current lineup all have experience from high level competitive play in other games. Combining their specific skillets we managed to create a roster that has in the pre-season alone managed to win around $60,000. As we head towards Apex first ever season we have honed our skills and are ready for whatever may come our way.

The roster consists of previous Overwatch pros Ishiny and Spirit, they are joined by the previous GW2 player Muffinz

Apex Legends NA Team Achievements

Live Statistics & Milestones

Year of creation 2019
Total matches played 0
Total matches won 0
Highest rank #0
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