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Clash Royale Team

Represented by: Alberi Dos Santos Zucchino


Clash Royale

Clash Royale Team Introduction

Supercell revolutionised the mobile gaming industry in 2016 with Clash of Clans and consequently that smash-hit game spawned the competitive phenomenon that is Clash Royale. The game has been downloaded a staggering 354 million times and 27.4 million players from over 187 countries competed for a place in the official esports division, the Clash Royale League (CRL).

Fnatic joined with the league’s creation in 2018 and went out on a quest to find the best competitors from around the world. The first season didn’t quite go to plan but the rebuilding process has already began for the next season.

The last man standing on the roster is experienced 23-year-old Alberi “Asuchini” do Santos Suchini. The Brazilian was a finalist at the Super Magical Cup during SXSW in Austin, Texas and will lead Fnatic once again.

This year, the CRL will combine Europe, North America and Latin America to form a singular CRL West division. With more teams to compete with than ever before, Team Director Holden “Holden” Sayles and Head Coach Kyle Kloss will be determined to make sure that Fnatic surpasses them all.

Clash Royale Team Achievements

Live Statistics & Milestones

Year of creation 2018
Total matches played 0
Total matches won 0
Highest rank #0
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