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POW3R Motor Pr0vokd smeef Verox ErycTriceps


Fortnite Team Introduction

The Fnatic Fortnite Team is made up of some of the most talented Fortnite players in the world. With several high-ranking positions on the global leaderboards since the fall of 2017 the Fnatic Fortnite Team has cemented their position within the constantly growing competitive scene of the world’s largest Battle Royale game.

The roster consists of some of the most competitive players in the EU scene. Having Motor, smeef, Pr0vokd, Pow3r, ErycTriceps and Verox represent the black and orange is nothing short of impressive. Collectively they entertain more than 2.600.000 followers across the world and throughout the first year of competitive Fortnite the roster has brought home $200,000 dollars.

We saw an incredible achievement in Jake "smeef" Smith managing to attain one of the 100 spots in the Fortnite World Cup where he competed and brought home $50,000. Moving forward the roster has its eyes set on the upcoming season where Fortnite is taking it's comeptitive aspects to the next level.

Fortnite Team Achievements

Live Statistics & Milestones

Year of creation 2018
Total matches played 0
Total matches won 0
Highest rank #0
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