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Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival Team Introduction

Rules of survival has become another great entrypoint for Fnatic within the mobile gaming arena. The popular Battle Royale format is here to stay and Rules of Survival is one of the most popular titles available for mobile gamers. With more than 30 million downloads at the beginning of 2018 the game has been expanding its reach and it’s competitive format throughout the past year. With the game now transitioning into a full blown esports compatible title Fnatic has sought out the most skilled players to form a lethal squad that will be ready to compete in the upcoming tournaments.

Our roster consists of top tier talent all hailing from Thailand, with three players having past experience from the team winning the SEA cup earlier in 2018 and the remaining players having made a name for themselves through impressive work performances all year around. The team is new yet their journey within RoS has been marked by constant improvement and impressive performances in the Southeast Asia division of the RGS. Together they have set their scope upon the upcoming major finals in 2019, and Fnatic have no doubt that TheDaa, CT, VOORRIXX, JanFluk and Arin will place Fnatic on top in yet another game.

Rules of Survival Team Achievements

Live Statistics & Milestones

Year of creation 2018
Total matches played 0
Total matches won 0
Highest rank #0
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